Articles About World War I

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As we mark the one-hundredth anniversary of “The Great War,” I’ve been accumulating links to articles that can serve as a mini classroom for learning about the conflict we now call World War I.

First up, a website dedicated to the anniversary of the war:

First World War Centenary

Second, links to two sets of photos:

All Quiet on the Western Front as Haunting Images of the Great War’s Battlefields are Revealed Before Remembrance Day

World War I in Photos

Then an interesting post about the cultural impacts of the war: “The Wall Street Journal has selected 100 legacies from World War I that continue to shape our lives today.”

100 Years, 100 Legacies: Tracing the Echoes of World War I

Next, two reviews of an interesting new book:

Review: The Yanks are Coming! A Military History of the United States in World War I

“The Yanks Are Coming!” A Military History of the United States in WWI

M-A pic for WWI links post

The Meuse-Argonne American Military Cemetery in northeastern France (Photo by John Biver)

Next, an old book (by Winston Churchill) reviewed with a long excerpt:

Churchill and the ‘Unknown War’
The American diplomat and historian George F. Kennan called the First World War the “seminal catastrophe” of the 20th century. Churchill agreed: “All three [Eastern Front] empires, both sides, victors and vanquished, were ruined … The Houses of Romanov, Hapsburg and Hohenzollern woven over the centuries of renown into the texture of Europe were shattered and extirpated. The structure of three mighty organisms built up by generations of patience and valour and representing the traditional groupings of noble branches of the European family, was changed beyond all semblance.” They were replaced by “a fearsome set of internationalists and logicians [who] built a sub-human structure upon the ruins of Christian civilization.”

Here are the remaining articles — all worth whatever time you might have to read (and I’ll continue to add articles as I come across them):

Film Synchronizes Present Day Locations With Historic Footage from the Somme Offensive

World War I marks a bloody anniversary: Why the Battle of the Somme marks a turning point of World War I

When 19,000 British troops died in a single day

The Hinge of the Great War

The Battle of the Somme 100 years on

Battle Without End: The casualties of Verdun

Killing The Dead: Atheists Attack A World War I Memorial
We forget World War I at our own peril. Whether we know it or not, society continues to experience its aftershocks today.

American Minute with Bill Federer: Middle East Oil, World War I, Woodrow Wilson, Sergeant York

Five Lessons Americans Should Learn from World War One

September 1914: Before the Trenches

Why America Fought: The Lessons of World War I

The First World War’s Relevance to Our Times

The World the Great War Swept Away: In 1914, Europe was Prosperous and What Followed Was Unimaginable

100 Years on, Buried WWI Shells Pose Threat in French Fields

When the ‘Guns of August’ Ignited

Winston Churchill’s Brilliant Plan that Almost Prevented the First World War

The Lessons of World War I

World War I Reparations Weren’t As Unfair As You Think: The Anniversary of World War I’s Beginning is a Good Time to Challenge Conventional Wisdom — Did the Versailles Treaty Actually Cause World War II?

Who Started World War I?

The Great War Revisited: Why it Began, why it Continued, and What All That Means for Today

1914 — The West Starts Dying

What You Should Know About The Armenian Genocide

Backgrounder: The Armenian Genocide

Review of Eugene Rogan’s ‘The Fall of the Ottomans’

WWI’s Western Front: War is Hell, But There are Many Levels of Hell

A New Book on the Armenian Genocide


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