In the Beginning: It is Time for Conservatives to do More than Talk

Let’s talk about “in the beginning.” No, not the beginning found in the book of Genesis — but rather, the political beginning of this great country. Most political conservatives have taken the time to learn the amazing story of the Founding Fathers, the Revolutionary War, and the labors taken by men and women willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Conservatives know their history — and that every generation has a duty to the next. Both in hot wars and cold wars, blood has been shed and treasure expended. Now the military threat is not just overseas — terrorism has cost lives right here at home.

Conservatives understand that today’s challenges are just the latest. Each generation is called to labor and risk, sweat and sacrifice, blood and treasure. And the battles are not all shooting wars: Standing up against Communism, socialism, progressivism, and cultural Marxism requires so much exertion the war metaphor is appropriate.

After six years of Obama, and for many of my fellow Illinoisans here in the Land of Lincoln — over a decade of ruinous Democratic Party rule — political conservatives are aware of the multitude of problems that face us as citizens. The list is too long for a short article — we all know the subject areas: taxes, spending, corruption, run away government employee pay, pensions and benefits, government control of health care, and on and on and on.

As we watch our political leaders from both political parties continue to fail us, however, we also know in our hearts that we are not helpless. In fact, “We the People” have great power — and now we need to get better at using that power.

This column is going to start laying out not only the case for action — but it is also going to list the specific actions necessary if we are going to live up to the examples set by so many Americans before us.

Writer and commentator Mark Steyn has said that the question of the day is whether Americans “can summon the will” to do what is necessary to correct our nation’s course. “[W]e’re not facing ‘decline,’ Steyn said, “We’re already in it. What comes next is the ‘fall’ — fast, sudden, off the cliff…”

Those on the political left and those profiting from taxpayer dollars are betting that those on the political right do not care enough to do what is necessary. Some of us are taking that bet. We believe political conservatives are willing — and that they know that it is time to “up their game” on the political field.

This is the first post in a series regarding a new effort that is underway — — please take the straw poll about which of the possible 2016 presidential candidates you like, and keep in touch with them via email — and then join us back here as we continue on this topic tomorrow.