The Rise of Trump: 11 Ways The Left Spurred Americans

Here is Mark A. Signorelli writing at The Federalist:

The rise of Donald Trump is the entirely predictable result of decades of purblind progressive influence on American life.

The Left’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump is in, and it is every bit as histrionic and unhinged as a passing acquaintance with the American Left would lead you to expect. The preposterous contention that 60 million of their fellow citizens voted for a man out of “hate” and “bigotry” is entirely in keeping with their known character.

Yet despite the excesses with which they have articulated their fears, I do share the Left’s apprehension that the vast powers of the presidency are being turned over to a man too reckless, bull-headed, and venial to exercise them responsibly. I can sympathize with their anxiety. What I cannot understand, for the life of me, is their shock and surprise. Consider the following.

1. Deriding Western Civilization

The Left is surprised to find that after decades of teaching Americans to scorn their political heritage—to regard it as the work of slaveholders and other unsavory “dead white men”—the American people are prepared to elect a man who flouts all the norms of that heritage. They are shocked that minds formed in habits of irreverence towards the past do not vote in a spirit of reverence towards their political inheritance.

2. Promoting Vulgarity

The Left is perfectly astonished to discover that a public subject to a relentless torrent of vulgar entertainment has no qualms in voting for an eminently vulgar man. They are stunned to find that the tastes they have debased can actually be expressed in political form.

3. Cultivating Ignorance

The Left is shocked that after having spent generations destroying the foundations of American education, in particular instruction in the humanities, the populace that has passed through their schools does not seem to judge political affairs with the greatest wisdom or perspicacity. They are amazed to find that when you do not cultivate the powers of judgment, they do not grow.

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