Mark Levin’s “Ameritopia” and Romney Republicans

“Stop picking on Republicans!,” the whiners cry. If you don’t want to see Republicans picked on, stay away from this website. I’ve said it before and will keep saying it: The problem in the United States is NOT the Democratic Party, it’s the Republican Party. One wit explained to me that the Dems are like a dog peeing on the rug – that’s what dogs do – it’s up to the Republicans to do something about it. And so here we are – in a big mess because of an inept GOP.

How big is that mess? Enormous – and radio talk show host Mark Levin’s latest book, “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” sums it up nicely. (By the way, you can read a good bit of the book’s Epilogue here.)

Not long ago Levin was interviewed by the National Review about his book and here are a few short excerpts.

QUESTION: How close are we to “The Unmaking of America”?

MARK R. LEVIN: We are well on our way. It has been a gradual, ongoing process that has led to where we are today — which is in an increasingly post-constitutional America.

Remember, Republicans have held power in Washington, D.C. a lot during the past 30 years, so they share in the blame for where we’re at.

QUESTION: Can we reverse this?

LEVIN: I don’t know. It depends on the American people. I don’t believe it’s inevitable, but the hour is late…

I recently addressed that topic here.

QUESTION: How close are we to “dying by suicide,” as Lincoln would put it?

LEVIN: My guess is that a number of the Founders would say we already have, given the abandonment of so much they held so precious. I think we are close… Although it is not inevitable, the dark clouds are there. The unraveling has been going on for some time. The tea-party movement is a welcome response to it.

The tea party? Uh oh. Guess who doesn’t like the tea party. Establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and his loyal backers.

If it hasn’t been done already, it’s time someone coined the phrase “Romney Republicans.” “Reagan Republicans” is familiar, and in fact, Reagan Republicans are the opposite of Romney Republicans.

Romney Republicans might pretend to be principled, but when it comes to policy they are willing to be everything to anybody. Old Mitt is the perfect namesake for this characteristic. Need to get elected in left-wing Massachusetts? Run to the left of Ted Kennedy. Later, when circumstances change, they move a little bit here, a little bit there, sort of an ideological dance. Don’t stay in one spot. Keep moving so as you appear before each different interest group you can be seen as lining up with them.

If during the general election campaign Romney doesn’t shoot off both feet and stick them in his mouth he might win. Then our Obama problem would be over, and that’s a good thing. But then our Romney problem would begin.

Romney and the kind of people around him are in no way up to the task of fixing the mess “Romney Republicans” have help make. If you thought the Bush ‘41’ and Bush ‘43’ eras were difficult on conservatives and bad for the nation, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Yes, I could be wrong. Sometime soon Romney might actually have a road to Damascus experience, confess his sins, and become a part of the solution instead of personifying the wing of the GOP that has helped create the problems. If I’m right, though, Mark Levin will have to write yet another book – in that case it’d probably be time for him to discuss the Remaking of the Republican Party.