A review of the Illinois GOP Platform – Security, Public Safety, Energy and Transportation

The dedicated volunteers who helped write our state party’s platform included this section next:


The first responsibility of our government is to defend American citizens. Nothing is more important than the defense of our borders, our cities and our rural areas. The world remains a dangerous place – particularly while America is at war following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on our shores – and our government’s top priority must be national security…

We are appalled by the reckless remarks of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) in undercutting America’s troops and by the bid of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to appease the radical, anti-American regime in Iran.

That is followed by one titled “ENHANCING PUBLIC SAFETY FOR OUR CITIZENS.” After an introduction, the platform says, “Specifically, we endorse:”

  • Continued use of the Firearm Owners Identification system and use of criminal and mental background checks by licensed firearms dealers;
  • State pre-emption of local ordinances which impede the right of law‐abiding citizens to keep and bear arms (see the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution);
  • We strongly endorse and support the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights to the U. S. Constitution. We believe every citizen (American) has the right to keep and bear arms. No state city or local law should be allowed to infringe upon this right;
  • Enactment of “Concealed Carry” legislation offering permits to properly trained, law-abiding citizens to bear concealed weapons for personal protection; and
  • We call upon the legislature to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for Illinois Prison closure/construction policy. The plan should be a five year, ten year and twenty year plan for prison usage, closure and openings. We call upon the state to assist effected communities with an economic development strategy that will introduce alternative employment opportunities in those communities;

Under “A CALL TO MEET ENERGY NEEDS,” these three points are included:

From promoting wind energy, the use of clean coal technology to fostering exploration for natural gas and oil in Illinois, our state’s own natural resources offer a contribution toward our country’s energy independence and our economy’s future strength.

* * *

We publically support energy resource development within the borders of our 50 states, including environmentally responsible private sector initiatives to tap the vast reserves under the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

* * *

Illinois Republicans call on the Governor and General Assembly to take all steps necessary to add to Illinois’ nuclear power capacity.


Illinois Republicans deplore the actions of the Governor and majority Democrats in the General Assembly in diverting designated road-fund dollars to purposes other than the construction and maintenance of our critical network of roads and bridges. Illinois citizens accepted motor-fuel taxes with the understanding that those funds would be used to maintain our roads and highways, dedicating a user fee to this purpose on the principle that those who benefit from the transportation network most directly were willing to pay their fair share.

You can read the entire sections excerpted above if you wish — it’s not necessarily exciting stuff, but they are important statements of principle.