12 chilling incidents of LGBT tyranny

“Fiscal conservatives” who are social issues liberals evidently have no problem with the ways Christians are ‘bullied’ into respecting deviance. From Linda Harvey:

Perhaps you are someone tempted to embrace “gay rights” as a worthy cause. If so, it’s likely you recently returned to America after a lengthy sojourn on a desert island.

Everyone I’m talking to asks, “How did we get here?” and, “What can we do?” America is not a hateful country, and conservatives are not potential bullies. That shoe actually fits the other side in this debate.

And the good news is, there’s now proof. The abuses of homosexual empowerment are being documented with evidence piling up week by week. Everyday Americans are the victims, but we can learn from these incidents so others won’t be targeted as well.

The truth is “sexual orientation/gender identity non-discrimination” translates to a carte blanche to compel respect for deviance. If you decline, you will pay – your constitutional rights are a joke to militant homosexuals. Here are a dozen recent incidents that tell the story:

Gay bullying incident No. 1: A bakery in Oregon called Sweet Cakes by Melissa recently shut its doors.

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