Foreign Collusion? It’s Rampant in Big Tech

Let me guess — you haven’t heard about this collusion. With today’s dominant Leftist media, that’s not a surprise. Here is Rich Logis writing at American Thinker:

You want foreign collusion? I’ve got foreign collusion for you. On your phones, computers, tablets, and laptops. In your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

The Big Tech Industrial Complex has thousands of H-1B visa and green card employees. Some of these workers’ roles are as engineers, analysts, and programmers, in the departments responsible for the regulation, suppression and censorship of political speech their parent companies have deemed hateful, inflammatory, and inappropriate for young audiences.

What this means is that foreigners who cannot vote in American elections have been given carte blanche by their bosses and executives to tyrannically muzzle political thought and opinions, which undoubtedly can, and likely does, influence the outcomes of American elections at all levels of government.

Here’s the tale of the tape of the top two Big Tech firms with federally approved H-1B and green card workers since 2014 (figures are from

Twitter: 1,226

Google (including YouTube): 15,368

Though it is unclear exactly how many of the nearly 17,000 workers are directly responsible for the collusion, even a small percentage equals a lot of collusion.

Putin wishes he could collude like Big Tech

Vladimir Putin? He ain’t got nothin’ on Big Tech. And speaking of collusion, where are all the Democrats and Tessio Republicans obsessed with the “President Trump is Alger Hiss” conspiracy theory?

Big Tech fancies itself as God, as an omnipotent and omniscient Supreme Being. The surreptitiousness by which, for example, Twitter operates is highly sophisticated. Furthermore, the San Francisco-based social media company has always been cozy with Democrats and is notorious for denying right-leaning ads.

Ironically, news of the recent forced unfollowings of millions of users’ accounts was reported on Twitter.

Google is currently facing a lawsuit from conservative icon Dennis Prager, who alleges that YouTube restricted 30 videos from his PragerU channel due to their political themes and topics. Some of the videos’ titles were “The most important question about abortion,” “Where are the moderate Muslims?,” and “Is Islam a religion of peace?” Many of PragerU’s 4- to 5-minute vignette-presenters are well known conservative pundits, professors, and Pulitzer Prize-winners.

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