Unlike what you read in the news media, here’s an honest look at the employment numbers

Here are three articles at Townhall.com that correct the record:

A Complete Look at Employment Numbers

By Mike Shedlock

Were it not for people dropping out of the labor force, the unemployment rate would be well over 10%.


The official unemployment rate is 7.7%. However, if you start counting all the people who want a job but gave up, all the people with part-time jobs that want a full-time job, all the people who dropped off the unemployment rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out, etc., you get a closer picture of what the unemployment rate is. That number is in the last row labeled U-6.

U-6 is much higher at 14.3%. Both numbers would be way higher still, were it not for millions dropping out of the labor force over the past few years.


Given the complete distortions of reality with respect to not counting people who allegedly dropped out of the work force, it is easy to misrepresent the headline numbers.

Digging under the surface, much of the drop in the unemployment rate over the past two years is nothing but a statistical mirage. Things are much worse than the reported numbers indicate.

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This Jobs Report Not Actual Size

By John Ranson

The American economic juggernaut keeps churning out good news folks. According to government economists 236,000 jobs were created in February, plus or minus a margin of error of 100,000 jobs.

Anyone wanna take the under here?

In other news, the BLS revised January jobs data down 38,000 jobs so that the net number of jobs created in the first month of the year was a negative 21,000 jobs.

That’s right; 21,000 fewer jobs in January than in December.

No wonder consumer confidence is moving up. The government is lying every month about something, anything, and the people are buying it, at least for the time being.


Thanks to math sponsored by government economists, for every one (1) person not looking for work, you can subtract one (1) person from the unemployed. In that way it’s much easier for government bureaucrats in DC who have a median household income of $86,000, to tackle unemployment without the whole “Hey, maybe we should create jobs?” mentality mucking everything up.

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The Unemployment Tragedy the Media Won’t Report

By Wayne Allyn Root

It’s breathtaking how we are being lied to about unemployment specifically, and the economy in general. Just Friday we learned unemployment is down to 7.7% with the miraculous addition of over 200,000 jobs. The media was instantly celebrating great news. But is it actually great news?

First of all the REAL unemployment figure (as all economists know) is U6- which is the true measurement of not only those officially classified as unemployed, but those who have stopped looking. That number is over 14%. Why does the media never mention U6? If we have two measures of joblessness- one at 7.7% and one above 14%, why do they choose to only trumpet the lower figure? My bet is that if a Republican like George W. Bush were President, we’d hear the 14% figure bandied about in the national media day and night. But this media loves, adores and protects Obama from the embarrassment of 14% REAL unemployment.

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