2013: The time has come

tpnAn excellent article by Judson Phillips is posted at teapartynation.com — here’s an excerpt:

We need people who are willing and able to put their lives and careers on hold so they can work full time in the conservative revolution.

One of the big problems the GOP has is it is riddled with crony consultants. These are the guys who go from campaign to campaign, managing the campaigns for the candidates. Unfortunately, these people are not movement conservatives. They are hired guns. They don’t care whom they work for as long as they get paid.

Equally unfortunate is the way these crony consultants are set up. They charge a fee for their services (there is nothing wrong with that) but then they set up deals where they get paid on the back end for media buys.

In other words, these consultants have a vested interest in doing nothing but media buys because that is how they line their pockets. If you want to know why Mitt Romney had such a terrible ground game this time, it was because his consultants had no interest in putting the ground game together because they were not getting paid for that.

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