2020 and 1972: The Amazing Parallels Part 1

Here is Newt Gingrich on the amazing parallels between the 2020 election and the 1972 election:

If you want to get a feel for the probable shape of 2020, there is no single book that will help more than Theodore H. White’s The Making of the President 1972.

You might be surprised that an election that happened nearly a half century ago could be the best forerunner for next year’s historic collision between the news media and Left on one side and President Trump and his grassroots enthusiasm on the other.

Yet, the more I have watched and analyzed what is going on, the more convinced I am that 2020 is becoming a referendum almost exactly like 1972 was.

To better understand this, it is essential to read White’s book. White was the greatest chronicler of American presidential campaigns (and before that a brilliant reporter about China). He puts the 1972 campaign into a context which is eerily parallel to today.

Remember, White is writing some 47 years ago. Yet, across that nearly half century the basic stories are the same.

What makes The Making of the President 1972 so remarkable is the degree to which it is a cultural and historical book rather than a political book – and the degree to which America has been caught in patterns and conflicts that clearly have their roots in over a half-century of struggle.

Rereading White’s book reminded me that the background for virtually every fight we are now in can be found in the late 1960s. The modern Left has simply metastasized and grown more aggressive, intolerant, and totalitarian. The elite media has grown further apart from the average American, and the reporting standards of an earlier generation have been replaced by advocacy standards.

Amazingly, many of our worst problems can be found described in the politics of 1972 including quotas, the destruction of the cities, dramatic increases in crime and violence, anti-American attitudes, and new cultural standards on abortion, sexual redefinition, and the rise of identity politics as an unchallengeable force on the Left.

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Image credit: WIND Radio.