The important work of Christians in a time of societal change

Greg Scandlen

Greg Scandlen

An excerpt from a post by Greg Scandlen:

After half-a-century of this experiment in sexual liberation, what do we find? Despite the availability of birth control we perform well over a million abortions every year and 40% of all children are born out-of-wedlock. We also have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the world, with 20 million new infections every year.

We are systematically destroying two-parent families. Boys are being raised without fathers as role models, so they attach to gangs. Girls are taught to dress like hookers. College students no longer go on dates, they have meaningless sexual hook-ups  instead. To become a celebrity, release a videotape of yourself having sex. Our society is drenched in sex, a hollow, empty kind of sex that fulfills no one.

The argument that sexual promiscuity would have no effect on anyone who isn’t promiscuous was absurd. In fact it may be destroying this society…


Canada has had same sex marriage for ten years, and it has radically transformed the entire society according to Bradley Miler of the Witherspoon Institute. He writes –

“What transpired was the adoption of a new orthodoxy: that same-sex relationships are, in every way, the equivalent of traditional marriage, and that same-sex marriage must therefore be treated identically to traditional marriage in law and public life.”

Anyone who expresses reservations about all that is labeled a bigot and a hater, even guilty of committing “hate crimes.” The Knights of Columbus was fined for refusing to rent their facilities for same sex wedding receptions. People who voice dissent are being investigated by human rights tribunals, and in some cases, “ordered to pay fines, make apologies, and undertake never to speak publicly on such matters again.” This includes members of the clergy speaking from the pulpit.

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