Barack Obama and the End of an Era

Our second post from AT for today — an excerpt from a recent article by Steve McCann:

While the nation slumbered, content in its prosperity, the American left, during the past fifty plus years of never-ending crusades, has succeeded in creating:

A) a vast army of voters made up of: 1) those dependent on government largess, 2) low-information voters — the natural outgrowth of the current education system, and 3) the easily manipulated and myopic single issue zealots. The election of Barack Obama is a testament to the success of this strategy.

B) national leadership devoid of character and integrity who, in their determination to seize and hold power, are guided by only one principle: the end justifies the means.

C) an entrenched and unrestrained de facto oligarchy in Washington D.C.

D) economic circumstances wherein, for the first time in American history, a succeeding generation will be far worse off than the one preceding it. Meanwhile the ruling class is insistent on adding untold millions to the labor force by legitimizing, for political purposes, those in the country illegally.

E) a deliberately ill-educated and fractured society destined for internal strife and chaos.

The prosperity that allowed this stealth war on United States to occur is no more.

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