VIDEO: “Too Gay?”

Church Militant TVThe new biographical movie based on a book by Liberace’s much younger sex partner is turned away by Hollywood producers (but will be released ouside of the U.S.) because they fear the impact the truth about homosexual behavior will have on their carefully constructed “it’s about love” sham. From ChurchMilitantTV (video below):

Hollywood studios know the public doesn’t want to see  what homosexuality really is — just like Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to show the world what abortion really is.

The people who push the agenda of evil don’t want to  show what it really is — especially on thousands of large screens all over the whole country for weeks on end.

The purveyors of spiritual ruin want to keep the discussion focused on talk of “rights” and “equality” and “love,” “fairness,” “justice,” and other wonderful high sounding noble platitudes.

They don’t want to show you or have you even think about for one minute what homosexuality is really about which is of course sex between two men. That’s all it is.

The actual sordid perverted acts of sodomy and so forth which is what the whole issue actually is really about — those scenes — that reality — they want to keep far from the public partly because they intuit that the public which is about 97% not homosexual isn’t really gonna wanna watch two men engaged in such activity.

The other reason is those kinds of explicit scenes put the lie to the claim that this is all about being normal and having the same rights as everyone else to love whoever you want blah blah blah.

The whole gay rights movement is about one thing and one thing only: Having unnatural abnormal perverted sexual liaisons with members of your own sex and then wanting society to condone it as normal.