David Barton and WallBuilders promotes CollegePlus

College PlusIt’s getting easier every day to find information about alternatives to the failed public high schools and the bloated and overly expensive higher ed system. One good example is found at CollegePlus.org:

CollegePlus is a Christian company that creates customized dual credit and bachelor’s degree programs for students, based on their personality, learning style, and life purpose, then integrates personal coaching and mentoring to empower students to reach their educational and life goals, without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college.

On their how college prep works page is this:

In one semester, your homeschooler aged 14-18 can earn 12 college credits and 2 high school credits. And through the process, they will strengthen their testing skills and grow into a young adult who loves learning.

But how does that actually work?

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A recent email from WallBuilders promoted College Plus. Here is the text of their ad/promo:

WallBuilders2From time to time, WallBuilders likes to tell you about organizations that we think you might find of interest. College Plus is an organization that WallBuilders is now partnering with that creates customized educational programs for students who are serious about attending college. Please see the information below for details!

Some of the most prominent Founding Fathers did remarkable things at a very young age.

Consider, for example, Dr. Benjamin Rush, who graduated from Princeton at the age of 14.  He became a signer of the Declaration of Independence and went on to dramatically impact the fledgling nation, earning himself the title, “Father of American Medicine.” He also impacted the American educational system, started the Sunday School Movement and was considered one of the three most-notable Founding Fathers.

John Quincy Adams. At the age of 14, he held an official American diplomatic position in Europe, and received a second official assignment at the age of 15, where he was the official secretary to  Ambassador Francis Dana in the Court of Queen  Catherine the Great in Russia. John Quincy Adams was later accepted at Harvard and went on to become the 6th President of the United States

Both of these men understood the importance of getting a good education, but neither one wasted years of their lives on campus or ran up mountains of student debt.

Why the history lesson?

WallBuilders is excited to announce an opportunity for your student to follow in the Founders educational footsteps. How? By following a long forgotten education strategy of identifying your life purpose at the beginning and focusing your time and education dollars like a laser beam on the area God has called you to serve.

That is exactly the opportunity available with CollegePlus and one of the many reasons why WallBuilders is so excited to team up with them. Click here or keep reading.

What does it look like?

What would it mean to your student, if they could earn their bachelor’s degree in less time than their traditional college peers, while pursuing internships and ‘real-life’ experience in the field to which they feel called, and graduating with zero debt?

Visit www.collegeplus.org/wallbuilders today to learn more and receive the ebook “Insider’s Guide to College: What you need to know before you go” absolutely free!

By doing so, your student can get started on a higher education experience customized to them. Benjamin and John will be proud to finally have some more company amongst those using their education as a springboard to achieving the extraordinary.

As an added bonus, by downloading the free ebook, your student will automatically be eligible for an exclusive $350 CollegePlus tuition scholarship!

Still have questions? Read the testimonies below:

“My family is thrilled to have found CollegePlus. Our son, Trey, is already a sophomore in college at only 16 years old and on track to have his four year degree in Economics at only 18… CollegePlus has the secret sauce that is helping to raise up a generation of young leaders way ahead of their peers and on track to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God.” ~ Rick Green

“America’s Founding Fathers accomplished remarkable feats at very young ages because they had a strong work ethic and expectations that caused them to finish college at a young age and get busy with their purpose in life. CollegePlus is giving a new generation the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our Founders. I highly recommend CollegePlus as a way to save your family thousands of education dollars as well as years of your students’ lives, and get them positively influencing the culture sooner rather than later.” ~ David Barton