27 Times People Predicted Political Catastrophes For Trump That Didn’t Materialize

Here’s a fun list from Adam Mill of so many predicted Trump catastrophes:

We’ve heard ‘wolf!’ so many times, yet the world hasn’t collapsed and America hasn’t turned into a dictatorship.

The Hill ran a headline predicting the demise of President Trump this week, citing MSNBC legal expert Jonathan Turley. “Cohen flipping puts Trump ‘one witness away’ from catastrophe,” the headline read. Turley is a serious legal mind not prone to the hyperbole of his liberal brothers. But his latest prediction of the end of Trump’s presidency invokes a whiff of déjà vu.

Where have we heard before that Donald Trump’s downfall is imminent? Well, for more than three years, predictions of Trump’s demise as a candidate or as president have averaged about one a month.

Let’s review. Here’s a very abbreviated and non-exhaustive list of these predictions, from the top.

In 2015 …

— Politics Columnist Tim Skubick wrote in July that, “Donald Trump’s immigration remarks were the beginning of his end.”

— Conservative pundit Bill Kristol declared in July that Trump’s attack on Republican Sen. John McCain for being a POW was the “beginning of [the] end.”

— Nate Cohn of The New York Times predicted the “beginning of the end of the Donald Trump surge” that same month.

— September 11, U.S. News and World Report contributor Cary Gibson noted that Trump’s comments about candidate Carly Fiorina were so offensive that she too asked whether this was the “beginning of the end of Donald Trump?”

— NBC’s Chuck Todd told his viewers in September that “this is the week we’re going to look back on and say maybe this was the beginning of the end of Trump.”

— Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post spotted Trump’s “Sarah Palin moment” in September, declaring that this was again the beginning of the end for Trump.

In 2016 …

— Elise Jordan of Time magazine wrote in April about the “Beginning of the End of Donald Trump,” when an incident between his campaign manager and a female reporter cemented the “basic fact holds: almost three-quarters of women voters dislike Trump.”

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