Poll: Majority See Obama as Divisive Failure

Here is a post at Townhall.com re the new ABC News poll: “A Failure”: How a Majority of Americans Now Describe the President.

Here is an excerpt from a Breitbart article regarding the poll:

A new ABC News poll has nothing but heartache for Democrats and President Obama. By a wide margin of 52-42%, voters see President Obama as a failed president. Americans also see Obama as more of a divider than uniter. Only 38% believe President Obama is uniting the country. A majority of 55% believe he’s dividing the country.

On this question, Obama polls worse than President Bush did at this point in his second term. While the same number, 55%, saw Bush as a divider, 43% saw him as a uniter.

On the issue of immigration, voters are moving against amnesty. Last year 51% supported amnesty compared to 43% who opposed. Today that number has flipped with 50% in opposition and only 46% in favor. Twenty-seven percent of voters are more likely to vote for a candidate in favor of amnesty, 36% are less likely.

On the question of Obama’s handling of immigration, only 31% approve, while a whopping 59% disapprove.

Obama’s job approval has sunk in this particular poll to 42% approve, 51% disapprove. Three months ago, the president sat at 46-51%. On his handling of specific issues — the economy, foreign policy, implementation of ObamaCare — the president is underwater on all three by large margins: 42-54%, 38-56%, and 38-56%, respectively. Only 43% see him as a strong leader, while a whopping 55% disagree.

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