3 Lessons From The Success Of ‘Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel’

I’ve never read a graphic novel, but that’s immaterial — I applaud this effort for showing conservatives how to actually conduct outreach to those who do. Here is Lisa De Pasquale nailing it at The Federalist:

Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel is exposing a wider audience to Peter Schweizer’s research, and could help the Right defeat the Left beyond 2016.

Two weeks ago “Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel” accomplished an amazing feat by knocking “The Killing Joke,” the origin story of the Joker, out of its 200-week streak of being number one on The New York Times bestseller list. “Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel” debuted at number one in the hardcover graphic novel category and reached number five overall on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Like the original book by Peter Schweizer, “Clinton Cash: The Graphic Novel” lays out the Clintons’ pattern of corruption. The graphic novel is exposing a wider audience to Schweizer’s research, and if political and media leaders on the Right take notice it could also help them defeat the Left beyond 2016. Here are three lessons from the book’s success.

1. Hire Creative Professionals with Experience Outside Politics

Any time someone suggests that conservatives use creative professionals, they are met with an onslaught of excuses.

“We can just use an intern/staffer who knows Photoshop.”

“We can’t afford a professional.”

“We can’t pay, but you’ll get a ton of exposure.”

“We only hire people who agree with our political philosophy.”

I’ve heard all of these excuses when recommending professional graphic designers, videographers, and artists to right-leaning organizations and media outlets. Certainly, budget is a legitimate consideration. However, I’m reminded of this saying: If you don’t have money to tip, you don’t have money to eat out. If an organization is going to go to the trouble of doing an ad buy on social media or TV or put thousands of dollars into some creative endeavor, they should figure in the cost for professionals.

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Image courtesy of Breitbart.com.