‘It’s not fair, it not fair, Trump’s got all this free media!’

Repubicans, conservatives, and Christians don’t yet know how to fight the information war. Here is Rush Limbaugh making my point:

I can’t glance at TV without seeing somebody whining now about all the free media Trump has gotten. I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from mediaQuant. It’s a firm that tracks media coverage of every candidate and computes it dollar value based on advertising rates, and it’s been published here in the New York Times.

According to this study, Donald Trump has earned close to $2 billion worth of free media during the campaign. The pull quote from the story: “Mr. Trump earned $400 million worth of free media last month, about what John McCain spent on his entire 2008 presidential campaign. Paul Senatori, mediaQuant’s chief analytics officer, says that Mr. Trump ‘has no weakness in any of the media segments’ — in other words, he is strong in every type of earned media, from television to Twitter.” You name it.

So now everybody, “It’s not fair, it not fair, Trump’s got all this free media.” And it’s Republicans saying this, naturally. Do they ever ask themselves why? It’s 2016. Maybe we’re learning something else here, too. Why does all of this stuff have to fall on me to be said? I’m gonna end up being universally despised and hated by everybody, no matter where I go. How is it that in 2016 a major political party still doesn’t understand modern media, how to use it, instead of complaining about it being unfair? The media? Really? When did that realization hit you, that the media is unfair? When did you figure out the media does not like you, Republicans? When did you figure out the media does not like you, conservatives?

Did you ever stop to ask why all this is happening? Why does Trump command all this? Why do these networks, I don’t care who they are, televise hours and hours of Trump appearances, when he pretty much says the same thing, maybe just not in the same order? Everything to me is a teachable moment, a learnable, if you will, opportunity.

But to complain about the unfairness of it, I’m sorry, I don’t have a sympathetic ear for that. I have a phrase I use, it’s become a cliche. I recall believe in it. “It is what it is.” It’s not what you wish it was. It’s not what you hope it was. It is what it is. And that’s why I’m the mayor of Realville.

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