The True Story of a Conservative Refugee

Robert Oscar Lopez writes:

The left is toxic. Freedom is sweet.

He has another great post up at American Thinker — here is an excerpt:

Trigger Warning: This is a 100% true story. No names have been changed to protect anyone.  You may be disturbed. But I will not lie to you.

On April 23, 2016, I declared my independence. The towers of the university where I work reflected the orange glare of L.A.’s sunset. It was Saturday, but I’d driven all the way to campus to do something, I realized, I should have done eight years ago. The office was empty, as one would expect. The security cameras probably captured becoming footage of my lone figure walking down the seventh floor hallway and throwing open the door to my private office.

Then I climbed over the desk and let my arms dangle in the space between the desk and the wall. Each of the connections was there. I unplugged the power, the network cable, the printer cables, the Ethernet, and everything that allowed the world at large to stay connected to the computer in my office. When all the connections were pulled, I lifted the computer up and hid it in a safe place.

The emails and social media of several prior weeks had gradually convinced me. The urban legends about employers spying on employees were not paranoid fantasy. It had become clear to me that someone had been going through the documents on my computer and hacked into my personal email accounts through the desktop at work. Someone must have physically entered my office, having obtained the key from staff, or gotten into the hard drive through the network cables. For years the coincidences had been too numerous and bizarre.  For a while, though, I didn’t have proof.

In dozens of articles I had joked about the tribulations of a conservative professor in left-wing academia, but there was nothing funny about my life anymore. Someone within the university was leaking personal details from my personal email (not the university email) to people off campus. The door to my office still, after six years, bore the deep grooves left when someone dug a sharp blade through the wood to deface my Army stickers. The vandalism had been hidden for a number of years behind posters, but in the time since, some of my posters had been ripped or disfigured as well. People had slipped menacing Bible verses about repenting and preparing for the apocalypse under my door. Then there were the barrages of obscene phone calls, emails calling me “vendido” and asshole, and the vandals who tore my American flag.

By now I had gone through several rounds of “investigations” because of frivolous student complaints, including charges that I “had erections while teaching,” called Helen of Troy “promiscuous,” and said that liberals were “nutjobs.” The epic Title IX tribunal over my conference at the Reagan Presidential Library is still now, to this day, open and undecided after 600 days. The case was based on a gay student claiming he had a nervous breakdown because of anti-gay “targeting” at the Reagan Library and a woman who claimed I did not nominate her for an award because she alleged that the five female speakers at the Reagan Library were “anti-female.”

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