5 Damning Inconsistencies In Transgender Dogma

Here is Glenn T. Stanton writing more at The Federalist about transgender craziness:

Gender theory is pure ideology. It is not based in any science or logical objectivity. Its proponents literally make it up as they go along, based solely on the way they wish nature were.

All good parents tells their children: “If you’re gonna lie, you better have a good memory!”

If we bend the truth, we are sure to get caught in contradictions. This is exactly what’s happening with today’s gender theorists, who tell us everything we have traditionally thought about sex difference is wrong. As their made-up theories are tested in real life, the inevitable contradictions come to light in embarrassing ways. Here are only five of the most damning.

1. Gender Is a Spectrum

One of the most basic tenets of gender theory is that genders are like the hues of a rainbow—a vast spectrum of glorious diversity between two extremes of male and female. But it’s not true. You’re attentive when you’re out and about in the world. How many of these other genders have you ever seen? How many can you name?

When I speak on college campuses, I ask males and females to identify themselves by a show of hands. Then I ask those who are some other gender to raise their hands. Only on secular campuses with gender studies departments do folks raise their hands. I ask them to come meet me afterward in hopes that I will have the opportunity to learn something. They are never some new gender, but always some variation of male or female.

Even cultural anthropologists have no names for any other genders outside the binary norm of male or female. Male and female are the only two models nature makes. This leads us to the second inconsistency.

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Image credit: www.thefederalist.com.