50 Reasons To Vote Against Obama


Editor's note: Writer and talk show host Hugh Hewitt launched what he's calling “The Obama Project” last week on his radio show. It's an attempt, he says, “to list in succinct t fashion the many reasons why President Obama should be defeated in November 2012. Below is an excerpt with a link to the whole.



The Obama Project:  The Case For Change
By Hugh Hewitt

The Obama Project: 50 Reasons To Vote Against Obama 1.0.” Your additional suggestions are welcome here

1.  Obamacare

2.  The failed $850 billion stimulus

3.  High, persistent unemployment

4.  Gas prices

5.  The 2012 budget's fecklessness

6.  Massive deficits each and every year

7.  The seizure of GM and Chrysler, the transfer of bondholder wealth to unions, and the dumping of the GM stock at a loss [This, I think, has been his most disgusting sin — but, Boy, are there ever a whole lot of contenders!]

8.  Dodd-Frank

9.  Hostility to Israel, including attack on apartment expansion and icing of Prime Minister Netanyahu in basement of White House

10.  Failure to support Iran's Green Revolution