57 Million Dead: Show the World that Americans ‘Choose Life’

From Star Parker:

This Thursday, January 22, hundreds of thousands will march in Washington, DC in the annual March for Life. This notes the 42nd anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision, which legalized abortion and began a barbarous era in which 57 million unborn American human beings have been lost.

As I type these words on my Apple computer, I consider the likelihood that this device would not sit in front of me if abortion was legal in 1955 when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was born to an unwed graduate student and put up for adoption.

There is one message that these “pro-lifers” who will arrive in Washington, DC will convey to their nation and yes, to the world at large.

The message reduces to two words conveyed in the Bible, in Deuteronomy – “Choose Life.”;

I see a parallel between this turnout in our nation’s capital, to awaken the consciences of fellow citizens to the sanctity of life, and the huge crowds that recently poured into the streets of Paris in protest against terrorism.

The message that will arise from the streets of Washington, DC, and the message that has come forth from the streets of Paris, is that the basis of humanity, civilization, and decency is respect for and awe of the miracle of life. This must take precedence over all.

There is a deep sense everywhere that something is wrong. That something has gone awry.

Even the sick, confused maniacs who snuff out innocent life in acts of terror do so out of dissatisfaction with the world as it is and out of the most misguided sense that somehow their barbaric acts make things better.

We in America watch out of concern and wonder how we can stop the craziness.

But a fundamental part of the battle is not getting adequate attention. And the March for Life is about bringing attention to where attention is needed.

Darkness must be battled with light. Death must be countered with life.

America must show the world that America is about choosing life.

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