7 Annoying Things To Stop Doing During The Primaries

Here are some excellent points from Robert Tracinski — here’s his introduction of his list, and just the list:

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t have a preference in the primaries. What I’m saying is that your preference is probably exaggerated, even wildly exaggerated. And it’s annoying the heck out of your political friends and allies.

On their behalf, let me say: stop. Just stop. STAHP.

Here is a rundown — tallied over months of hanging out on Twitter — of the annoying things to stop doing during the primaries.

1) Insisting Your Guy Is the One and Only

2) Taking Your Ball and Going Home

3) Pretending That Anyone Who Criticizes Your Guy Is “the Establishment”

4) Giving Your Guy the Benefit of a Double Standard

5) Holding the Other Guy to His Record But Pretending Your Guy’s Doesn’t Exist

6) Calling the Other Guy By the Worst Possible Epithet for His Position

7) Telling Us We Have to “Understand” Your Candidate But Not Trying to Understand Ours

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