8 Rules For Right-Wing Rebels

Here’s Leslie Loftis over at The Federalist writing about your responsibility to fight in the information war:

As Stella Morabito wisely pointed out recently, the Right must actively resist political correctness—more accurately “propaganda compliance”—which smothers all reasonable discussion. Many feel like we are already doing this. True, we have been active; just not effective.

Our biggest success has become a problem. We created a network of our own news and culture media. But success has bred complacency. Right-wing media has become so successful that it encourages us to retreat into it. We huddle together and cheer each other on, and in the activity and the noise, we rarely notice that no one else hears a thing we say.

The few who have worried about our preaching to the choir problem have tried two basic strategies. One, we’ve tried to see conservative stars break into established mainstream media. But the guardians of PC thought make sure our exceptional communicators remain isolated in Right media, to which the guardians have inoculated the non-right public. That’s why our media has limited reach. As long as it is labeled Right-wing, red, or anything conservative, it is easy for the PC guardians to get the public to dismiss it. (Actually, they can get supposedly thoughtful people to reflexively dismiss Right media while blaming that media for the stigma. It is an impressive accomplishment.)

But if the Alinsky game does not work, placing supporters in established media has not worked, and building our own media has seen us effectively retreat, then what can we do?

Here is just Leslie Loftis’ list — follow the link below to read the entire post:

1. Get Un-Busy and Talk to People

2. Don’t Hide

3. Get On Social Media

4. Speak Up Online

5. Spread, Don’t Echo

6. Embrace New Media

7. Go Where the People Are

8. Understand How to Label

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