A Citizen Suing the Department of Justice Needs More than Just a Winning Legal Argument

Here is some good advice from a real journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, who has good reason to sue to the Department of Justice:

As I fight on with my computer intrusion lawsuit against the U.S. government, it seems to intersect more clearly with current events every day. And it points to an even larger story.

How widespread is improper government surveillance of journalists, politicians and other U.S. citizens in the name of the fight against terrorism? A few of us found out we were targeted only because we were lucky enough to be alerted by inside sources or other unique ways. How many others were targeted, monitored and watched by government officials but still have no idea it happened?

Who is behind the move to use government surveillance tools against innocent Americans? Do some of these officials still work inside the government? Were some of them the very same officials now implicated in alleged surveillance abuses during Campaign 2016?

The Case

In late January, an appeals court heard oral arguments in my federal lawsuit, now entering its fourth year. A panel of three judges will determine what happens next. Here are several possible outcomes:

The judges side with us. They determine that former Attorney General Eric Holder is not entitled to immunity from lawsuits such as mine. They decide that we had adequate time in discovery to learn the identities of the “John Doe” federal agents who conducted the remote computer intrusions and surveillance. The case returns to U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia where we resume our longstanding attempts to get the Department of Justice to properly respond to document subpoenas, which they have so far failed to do.

The judges side with the Department of Justice. They determine that Holder and other federal officials enjoy immunity from my lawsuit.

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