A Deep Dive into the Psychology of the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (Part 1)

After decades of failure, why do many otherwise smart people continue to be clueless? The November 2020 election would not have gone the way it did if those highly paid “professionals” in the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) had been doing their jobs. Rather, thinking and talking is what they do—but not about how to actually get real election work accomplished on the scale it needs to be done.

I admire the work of so many of them when it comes to policy and political analysis—but my admiration stops there; what good is it if we can have the national election stolen?

Some of my favorite political writers come so close to understanding what is needed and then fall short or get vague. Columnist, senior editor at the Federalist and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway said this in a recent interview about her new book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections:

[Regarding] funding and activism — so we’ve mentioned that the Left has really been involved in this. They have devoted tens of millions of dollars in just the last few years to this. A lot of why the Republicans — Republicans actually did fight a lot of this stuff and did it effectively. But they need a lot more funding and a lot more oversight. And oversight means something different now, because you have to count — you have to oversee ballot counting across months instead of just one day. So that requires a lot of volunteers and observation. You wouldn’t believe what you find.

If it was worth the time, I could cite dozens of equally vague/almost-quite-there answers or writings from high profile members of the RCIC about ground-level political work.

Interviewing Hemingway was founder and CEO of American Majority, Ned Ryun, one of the people I admire. Early on in the interview he confessed that he didn’t see coming what happened in November 2020:

You just hit on something that I think we need to actually discuss. Because I think most of us — I would say, if we had a show of hands, we came out of post-2020 election going, there’s something very wrong with what just took place. We don’t really think that this was a free and fair election, there’s something very suspicious. But I would say most of us had that sense, but we didn’t really fully understand. And I do this, I do politics for a living. Honestly, I’ll be the first to confess, I didn’t see Center for Tech and Civic Life coming.

I give him a lot of credit for his honesty. He also said “I saw some of the other stuff coming,” but he didn’t elaborate.

So how do so many clearly unconstitutional and illegal things happen in just one election? There are dozens of ways the political left broke the law in the November 2020 election and yet still no one has been prosecuted, and there has not been sufficient dissemination of what has thus far been proven regarding fraud.

Regarding the latter point, this website has chronicled the horrendous failure of the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex to reach beyond the political choir. Regarding the former—you tell me if you think the RCIC was spending wisely the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations it receives every election cycle in light of the fact that we are where we are in Illinois and the nation.

Let’s continue this next time.

Image credit: FrontPageMag.com.

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