A Deep Dive into the Psychology of the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (Part 2)

Anyone who plays close attention to conservative (MAGA) news and commentary websites is bombarded weekly with bombshell! news items that should seal the deal when it comes to public opinion. Yet despite this, at least half the population is in the dark.

Setting that failure aside, thanks to Donald J. Trump and the growing MAGA movement, there are more than enough people available to do the hard work that needs to be done to win elections. Since those in the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) spend little time and money focusing on that work, it makes a person wonder how those RCIC “smart” people think our side can win if that work is not getting done.

Is it that they truly do not understand the political arena that they work in?

Is it that they are focusing on building their “brand” as a commentator and future big time candidate? (Believe me, this is more common than you think.)

Is it that they are focused on expanding the audience of their talk radio show or podcast or website?

Is it because they think ground-level work is someone else’s responsibility? You know, those little people who are not celebrities that host conferences or are invited to speak at others’ conferences?

Is it because they think that devoting themselves to real election work is too risky or it doesn’t pay so why bother?

Is it because they think they are way too important to turn their attention to real election work?

Is it that they are confused by all the activity that is taking place and somehow think the work is getting done?

Is it that they are unimpressed with those calling for more real election work to get done?

Is it that they don’t think mass mobilization is possible?

Is it that they are lazy or comfortable or incapable of thinking differently?

Is it that they think there is a shortcut, an elixir, a magic bullet that will solve the problems in the political arena?

Is it that they are convinced they understand what has to happen (and that does not include mass mobilization)?

Is it because they think real election work is too difficult? Not glamorous enough?

Or is it possibly that they do not actually comprehend how elections are won? What happens at ground-level for them is mysterious and magical (and someone else’s job).

Is it because they lack incentives?

There is always a flurry of activity on the political/MAGA right. News, investigations, commentary, talk, and of course the usual conferences, meetings, rallies, parades, etc.

In the meantime, leftists are planning on doing what they did in 2020 again in 2022 in as many places as possible. (Remember, they don’t have to cheat everywhere—just in swing states.) And all the breakthrough investigations and marvelous commentary will not man the precincts on election day and oversee weeks of early voting.

Up next: The Problem of Happy Talk and Republican Conservative Industrial Complex Self Deception

Image credit: Election Day in Philadelphia (1815) by John Lewis Krimmel.

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