A Failure to Communicate

AmericanThinker3From Frank Burke:

The line, “What we have here is failure to communicate,” from the film, Cool Hand Luke, might describe of the single greatest failure of Republican conservatives.

As those on the Right sought to analyze the loss of the 2012 Presidential race, one of the most frequently cited reasons was the superiority of the Democrats’ “ground game” — their ability to turn out thousands of voters on short notice. In truth, the primary cause of the defeat had less to do with actions taken on Election Day than with the recurring problem affecting all the days leading up to it. And that is the ability to communicate effectively.

Conservatives are excellent at communicating — to themselves. Some of the most brilliant political writing of the present day appears in periodicals such as the Weekly Standard and National Review. Syndicated columnists such as George Will and Charles Krauthammer present our case with clarity and precision in the periodicals that carry them. They and many others who appear on Fox News and panel shows rarely fail to acquit themselves well. Our case is made in books ranging from scholarly studies to commentaries that are irreverent and humorous.

Unfortunately, as valuable as these messages are in enlightening conservatives, they are not being received by the majority of the electorate.

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