A Fascinating Book on Dishonest Prosecutors

The information found in this fascinating book should surprise no one — here is Rush Limbaugh:

That book by Sidney Powell I was just talking about, it’s four years old. It’s from 2014. It’s called Licensed to Lie, and it’s in depth what happened with the Enron trials and the Ted Stevens prosecution. This was also thrown out after they destroyed him, and there’s a name… There’s a bunch of people that are in every one of these cases she writes about, and many of them have a lot to do with Mueller — one of them in particular named Andrew Weissmann. But beyond that…

I’m reading this book kind of slowly. It is written beautifully. It’s written… It’s a page-turner. It’s just… (sigh) Folks, it’s stunning! It’s stunning, the lawlessness in the Department of Justice that has nothing to do with left or right. It’s not just liberalism. It happens under every president, and its primary focus — at least to the phase I’m at in the book — is the fact that the prosecution, Department of Justice, United States attorneys suborn perjury from their own witnesses. I mean, they have their own witnesses lie specifically, which happened in the Ted Stevens case.

They do not turn over exculpatory evidence to the defense. It was an FBI agent whistleblower who, if he had not spoken up, Ted Stevens’ conviction would have stood and he would still be considered to be fraudulent and corrupt. He was totally set up. He was set up by people who wanted scalps, and the book claims that nothing’s changed in the Department of Justice since those days, or very little. Some of you, I’m sure, may have already read it, heard about it. Sidney Powell’s a frequent guest and has been on cable TV shows for a while.

I don’t know why I’m just now getting to it but somebody just recently recommended it to me. But it’s shocking, and it’s gonna shock a lot of people because the day-to-day rules of order in federal court, the judge and the prosecutors rely on each other. They trust each other. The defense already has a difficult burden in federal court because the prosecutors are allowed basically to run the courtroom, and it’s just the way it’s always been set up. And now with the apparent corruption that was running rampant there…

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