‘A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care’

From American Healthcare Choices:

Nearly 150 Republican members of Congress this week released a visionary health reform plan, “ A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care,” that represents a new generation of reform.

The 66-page report from the Republican Study Committee begins with a solid analysis of the problems the ACA has created, from doubling premiums in the individual market, driving up deductibles dramatically in the employer market, to, most importantly, making it more difficult for people with serious health conditions to get the care they need.

It shows there is not one silver-bullet solution but instead acknowledges the complexity of the problems in our $3.7 trillion health sector and offers targeted policies—from more portability of insurance, federal funding for states to create Guaranteed Coverage Pools for people with pre-existing conditions, greater tax fairness for health insurance, support for more coverage options—including direct primary care, health sharing ministries, and association plans—and support for lower-income people to obtain coverage.

It gives members a more robust answer to Medicare for All proposals as they head into the 2020 elections, this time with more support from allied groups. While some of the recommendations may be a heavy lift, RSC chairman Mike Johnson of Louisiana and Health Care Task Force co-chairs Roger Marshall, M.D., of Kansas and Phil Roe, M.D., of Tennessee, and the hard-working RSC team deserve huge credit for this impressive report. It adopts many of the recommendations from the Health Policy Consensus Group’s Health Care Choices plan and is compatible with the Personalized Healthcare proposal from the Job Creators Network and the Goodman Institute, also released this week.

Read the report: Republican Study Committee