“A Great Foreign Policy Essay”

This very interesting article was sent to me by a good friend. Here’s a particularly good excerpt from it:

A strong America obviously requires a strong and flourishing economy. This can only be achieved by getting the government out of the way of it.

This cannot be done by a smooth-talking sophist who believes in Warmism (thus renewable energy crony capitalist scams), and whose health care program served as the model for the abomination of Obamacare.


This cannot be done by anyone pretending his business experience can be applied to running a government. Governments and their bureaucracies are the opposite of a for-profit business and cannot be run on business principles alone. Governments, the federal government in particular, can only be run on Constitutional principles, which means eliminating all federal activities, programs, agencies, and departments not enumeratedly authorized by the Constitution. (Not all at once but in an orderly manner – Rome wasn’t torn down in a day.)

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