A Honeymoon of Hand-to-Hand Combat

Here is Conrad Black writing about Trump’s non-existent “honeymoon” — it was a honeymoon of hand-to-hand combat! First is an introductory note from the National Review Editors:

The following is an excerpt adapted from Conrad Black’s forthcoming book, Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. It appears here with permission.

The early days of the Trump presidency saw little peace, with the president consistently deflecting attacks from all sides.

t was now known that FBI director James Comey had written a draft exoneration of Mrs. Clinton before she was even questioned by the FBI about her emails. He had been investigating both candidates in mid-campaign and had taken it unto himself to announce that Mrs. Clinton, despite her serious misjudgments and apparently dishonest replies to FBI questioners, should not be prosecuted, followed by the panicky interlude when the Bureau reviewed the new batch of emails discovered on the server of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Comey had already acknowledged that he told the president three times that he was not a suspect in the Russian collusion question.

Trump was inaugurated four months after the FBI took over trying to chase down Christopher Steele’s sources to get to the truth, so the continued exposure of Trump to the innuendos of the hostile media and the leprous uncooperativeness of the congressional Democrats as if he were in a legal purgatory were unjustified by the legal facts. Comey’s frank assertion that he had leaked his own contested version of what had occurred about the investigation of General Flynn in his dinner conversation with the new president on January 27, was a damaging admission, though the media did not treat it so. It was a criminal act if the memo to himself is considered a government document, which is legally probable, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein confirmed to Congress on December 13, 2017.

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