A Millennial Activist Leads Disaffected Democrats Out of the Wilderness

There are a lot of disaffected Democrats in the country. Here is Stephen Moore writing about how some are being led out of the wilderness:

Brandon Straka’s viral #walkaway campaign has the potential to reshape American politics.

Recently, I sat down for breakfast with the most interesting, dynamic, and disruptive young person I’ve met in American politics in quite a few years: Brandon Straka, the charismatic leader of the viral #walkaway campaign, which encourages Democrats to leave their party. Here we finally have a fresh-faced activist who is not just grousing and venting and pontificating, but actually building a movement to spark real and productive political change. Because I live and work in Washington, D.C., and have devoted my life to conservative causes, I don’t get to chat politics with many gay hairdressers from Manhattan. But, then, Straka is decidedly not your average gay hairdresser from Manhattan.

If you are a conservative, you’ve probably had a chance to see Straka on Fox News or heard him on talk radio. You definitely won’t see him on CNN or MSNBC or read him in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post, precisely because his politics don’t conform to the expectations of the liberal establishment. He has turned his back on the lies and distortions and conceit and narrow-mindedness and bullying and self-righteousness and anti-Trump derangement and economic illogic of the modern Democratic party and it’s far-left funders.

As we share coffee and muffins near the bar at the Trump Hotel, blocks from the White House, Straka explains his political awakening to me. “Once upon a time, I was a liberal,” he says. “I finally had it up to here with the racism, the marginalization of anyone based on gender or sexual orientation, mob suppression of free speech, junk science to advance ideological agendas. Democrats have become the party of hate and intolerance.”

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