A New York-Born Southerner Contemplates the Confederate Flag

Lawrence Mayo has an excellent short post up over at BarbWire that puts words to my thoughts regarding this entire “Confederate flag” hullabaloo. So many Americans, even smart ones, seem ready to fall for the next liberal distraction that has little to do with anything except keeping attention away from all the damage the political left is doing to the country.

There are racists. Really? Yes. Is that news to anyone? Of course not. These racists have a flag — it’s the evil Confederate flag. Well, maybe some of them use that flag. Others just use the American flag, so we should probably listen to those talking about removing it as well, right? For many people who like the Confederate flag, racism has nothing to do with it — just like racism has nothing to do with those who salute the American flag.

Political lefties will never run out of things like this. It’s time for people to wise up and start ridiculing — and then ignoring these silly things as they get rolled out, one after another. What’s next, a “war on women”? Oh, wait, that one has already been used.

Here’s an excerpt from Mayo’s article:

As a ‘damn Yankee’ — that is, a Northerner who came to the South and didn’t leave — the Confederate Flag has never really held meaning for me.

I understood that for most who displayed it, it meant a reverence for the heritage of the South and expressed the rebellious spirit I so often find, and admire, here.

Then the events of the shooting in South Carolina played out. Dylann Roof was found to have embraced that flag, but for different and objectionable reasons of true racism.

The hysteria that followed was terrifying to watch.

Both Democrats and Republicans, media and corporations, all jumped aboard a fevered bandwagon that cast aside rationality for a false emotional response. Apple Corporation, for example, banned all Civil War games in their app store.

Utterly absurd.

The media breathlessly reported every banning, discontinuation, removal from state grounds, and whipped the masses up as well as they could.

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Image credit: www.sonofthesouth.net.