A Plague of Monsters: Quarantining people who are not sick

By Kurt Silverfiddle:

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Criminal terrorists attacked us on 9/11, and nations of the world united to treat us all like criminals and turn the fun and exciting world of air travel into an experience redolent of herding livestock to market.

Nineteen years later, a virus outbreak happens, and governments of the world — upon advice of the experts — treat us like infected patients, demanding we quarantine ourselves and cease all economic and social activities. Is this the first time democratic governments have quarantined people who were not sick?

COVID-19 is serious, highly transmissible, and lethal to a minuscule number of people, and we are past the point of being able to contain and eliminate it.  Cowering in our homes, eschewing human contact, and wearing masks is not about saving lives; it is delaying deaths — or, if you prefer the sterile words of the experts, flattening the curve.

We’re seeing how the shadow of totalitarianism can darken even the sunniest landscape: paternalistic governors issue decrees and edicts to their benighted subjects, unelected bureaucrats handle enforcement, and millions of miserable human beings discover the giddy frisson of snitching on neighbors.

Autocrats don’t rely on bootheels and rifle butts alone.  They absolutely cannot survive without press propagandists, spying rat finks, and leagues of toadies throughout society parroting the propaganda and cajoling fellow subjects into compliance.

The Infotainment Media Complex abets the tyranny by censoring dissent and force-feeding us morality tales about some dumb bubba who scoffed at the experts but ended up killing his family with COVID-19.  Is anyone else tired of the crowds of liberal arts majors and J School grads shouting “SCIENCE!” like a twisted Thomas Dolby tribute choir?

Joyless scolds and miserable sadomasochists rat out neighbors and gleefully recite dour pronouncements of the new normal: dining, dating, and sporting events will never be the same; bars and churches may not open for years; L-shaped and K-shaped recoveries…

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