A Republican Must Say “NO ” to Tax Hikes

The title above is taken from an email sent by the United Republican Fund’s Dennis LaComb. Obviously the “information age” we’re living in is filled with both good and bad information, and recently I pointed out problems with URF’s latest candidate ranking. Today, for the sake of balance, posted below are excerpts from LaComb’s excellent email.

On the subject of tax increases, let me also draw our readers’ attention to the great work that’s being done by Jim Tobin at the National Taxpayers United Illinois. NTUI continues to watchdog the tax issue better than any organization in the state and deserves your support.

Tobin’s most recent press release is found here: “Quinn’s state income tax increase would help greedy, not needy.”

As mentioned above, here are excerpts from the URF email of which we concur 100%:

A disturbing trend is happening within Republican ranks. First it was Jim Edgar. Now it’s Cook County Republican Chairman Lee Roupas.

Republican brethren seem to be abandoning our Party’s basic principles and advocating for increasing taxes on the hard-working men and women of our state.

A recent interview with Roupas by Southtown Star columnist Phil Kadner reported:

“Roupas believes that to be successful, the Republican Party must alter its image … and break away from some of its more traditional conservative roots. For example, Roupas embraces the idea of a statewide income tax hike…”
With statements like this, it’s easy to understand the frustration of so many Illinois Republicans with our party’s leadership.

Republicans who entertain support for tax increases forget a simple fact: Whether in 1980, 1994 or 2000 – Republicans win when we stick to a basic message of lower taxes, smaller government, and less regulation.

What happens when we stray for those principles? Well, we’ve seen the results at the ballot boxes the past several years…

We can’t tax our way out of our state’s economic crisis – we need to grow our way out of it.

LaComb goes on to suggest that Republicans contact the twenty-something Cook County Party Chairman Lee Roupas at chairman@cookrepublicanparty.com, and at (708) 974-9070.

Young Lee might want to read our state and national party platforms, and spend a little time at the Heartland Institute website and learn about what the research tells us regarding taxes and economic growth. Featured up top on the Heartland website this morning is this:

Ten Principles of State Fiscal Policy Podcast: Taxes Discourage Investment

Roupas should then issue a statement correcting his error.