A review of the Illinois GOP Platform – The Economy & Immigration

Onto the next section of our state party’s platform – the big issue of the day and every day:


The Republican Party deplores the budgetary gridlock with which the Governor and the General Assembly’s majority Democrats have brought disrepute on Illinois government and instituted uncertainty as the watchword for our state. Businesses take note of such wrangling and indecision and, despite our state’s natural advantages in location and infrastructure, turn to other states for expansion and office or plant siting.

That was written two years ago. Where are we today? Things are worse today for the Illinois economy – note this information from the American Legislative Exchange Council linked yesterday.

Newspapers in Illinois are asking – where is the Republican alternative plan? If one is out there – I haven’t heard about it. The state party’s platform summarizes what’s needed:

We advocate a pro-growth orientation for our state’s economic policies, subjecting proposed legislation or regulation to analysis as to its impact on economic growth for Illinois and rejecting any proposals which would impose a negative impact…

We call on the Republican delegations in both the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate to present an alternative budget, reflecting our principles, to engender debate on spending and to move along the process of enacting a budget…

Illinois Republicans understand that taxing businesses translates into fewer jobs, less investment and higher consumer prices. Therefore Republicans not only oppose higher general taxes but will consistently fight the multitude of tax and fee increases which are bleeding Illinois employers and destroying jobs.

Not all Republicans understand what’s written there but the work continues to improve the numbers.

After the economy the next section is titled “INSTITUTING A ‘FRONT DOOR’ POLICY ON IMMIGRATION.” In light of the recent Arizona legislation it makes for timely reading.

We are a nation of immigrants, and the Republican Party welcomes those who respect our laws and seek freedom and opportunity in our great country. We believe it is only right to expect that our new residents come in through the front door and join us in society as fellow Americans. Further, we advocate retaining the right to adopt and enforce prudent policies relating to the numbers of immigrants America welcomes each year and their individual contributions to our nation’s needs.

We call on the Federal Government to streamline the task of citizenship for legal immigrants to assimilate and complete the process of becoming Americans.

We call for the granting of full citizenship rights to be granted to any immigrant upon the completion of service to the armed forces of the United States…

Illinois government should assist our federal government in the mission of protecting our homeland. Illinois Republicans therefore urge reversal of “sanctuary city” policies, which bar our law enforcement officers from aiding Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents. The lack of adequate security at our ports and on our nation’s borders fosters an atmosphere conducive to smuggling of terrorists and their weapons into our country.