Abortion and Breast Cancer

From Bill Muehlenberg:

We have long known that there is a very real connection between women having abortions, and an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The abortion industry, a compliant and PC media, and activist politicians all deny this of course, and pour out their wrath on anyone who dares to make these claims.

We have a perfect illustration of this unfolding as we speak. It seems one brave Australian Senator was willing to tell the truth about this, and for daring to do so, he is facing all sorts of abuse and censure. Consider the headline: “AMA and Greens criticise Senator Eric Abetz for making false link between cancer and abortion”.

“False link”? Nothing like pro-abortion activists and their media stooges banding together to highjack the truth and mangle the facts. The article begins:

Senator Eric Abetz’s comments linking abortion with breast cancer are an insult to all women, says acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt. Senator Abetz appeared on Channel 10 program The Project last night and was asked if he believed the “factually incorrect” statement that abortion leads to breast cancer. “I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer,” he said.

The senator then said there were organisations, other than the Australian Medical Association (AMA), that had differing opinions. Mr Bandt has demanded Senator Abetz apologise for his comments and not attend the upcoming World Congress of Families conference.

“Eric Abetz’s comments are an insult, not just to any woman who has suffered breast cancer or who has had an abortion, but to all women,” the MP said. “The minister should not scare young women by peddling his dark, anti-choice ideology on national television. This is a Government of old men who do not share modern Australian values”…

AMA President Associate Professor Brian Owler appeared to hear things differently. Last night he told media the senator had “cherrypicked” old information skewed toward an anti-abortion ideology.

An “insult to women”? “Cherrypicked”? So who is right here? The truth is, there is a growing scientific awareness of the relationship between abortion and breast cancer. One American expert, Dr Joel Brind, an endocrinology professor, has said that “the single most avoidable risk factor for breast cancer is induced abortion.”

As he states elsewhere: “By way of background, abortion raises a woman’s risk for breast cancer in two ways; the debate is over the second, not the first. Scientists have long understood that the risk of breast cancer is reduced when a woman completes a full-term pregnancy. This ‘protective effect of childbearing’ is lost with an abortion. The second way abortion increases the likelihood of breast cancer is that an abortion leaves a woman with more cancer-vulnerable breast tissue than she had before she became pregnant.”

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