Absolutely pathetic Republican members of Congress whine about ancient history

If I were to comment like I want to on this article – “Former Hill allies call out Gingrich: Lawmakers had to put out ‘fires’” – I’d have to use language I shouldn’t.

Let me just say that any of Newt’s former colleagues who are complaining about Newt’s leadership style for four years back in the 1990s should grow the hell up. Talk about psychological projection at work – what in heaven’s name have they accomplished since Newt left office in January 1999?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. They’ve failed the country on too many fronts to list. The worst in my book is how they never learned to use their collective bully pulpits to help shape public opinion when it came to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our young men and women are fighting and dying overseas and these pathetic jerks are too busy getting rich to learn how to do their job.

It wasn’t just foreign policy they’ve failed us on. Name ONE economic/government spending/government debt issue that they succeeded on after the big bad mean old Newt left office. Good luck with finding one.

Folks, the problems we have at the national level are a bi-partisan creation. Yes, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid stepped on the accelerator – but we were already going in the wrong direction.

Again, just a reminder, Newt hasn’t held public office since January 1999.