After impeachment, just think of the new states Trump can take in 2020

By J.B. Shurk:

Let’s remember how close we were in 2016.

In Nevada, we lost by 27,202 votes, while 37,384 voters chose Gary Johnson; 28,863 voters left their ballots blank or wrote in names; and another 7,820 voted for minor candidates.

In New Mexico, we lost by 65,567 votes while 74,541 voters chose Johnson; 5,825 chose Evan McMullin; and 13,052 chose someone else.

In Minnesota, we lost by 44,593 votes while 112,984 chose Johnson; 53,083 chose McMullin; and an astounding 88,109 voted for a write-in or other candidate.

In New Hampshire, we lost by a mere 2,736 votes while 30,777 chose Johnson, and 19,203 chose to write in a name or select smaller parties.

And in Maine, we lost by 22,142 while Johnson took 38,105; and McMullin, Jill Stein, and other candidates grabbed 16,494. In fact, the race in Maine was so close that President Trump actually managed to pick up one of the state’s four electoral votes by outright winning the 2nd Congressional District, becoming the first Republican to do so since ’88.

Small moves toward President Trump in these five states will give us what we need.

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