After the “Tea Party,” please get involved in the GOP (Part 1)

We all remember learning about the Boston Tea Party, right? Wait, for those of you who went to public school and had this event dropped from your text book for something more politically correct than white guys dressing up as Indians, click here and here to learn more.

The colonials were angry with their government in 1773. Today, millions of Americans are too, and many are holding a modern day version of that first tea party after finally waking up to the excessive taxing, spending, and borrowing of their government.

Even the social right is getting into the act, as the American Family Association is co-sponsoring “TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties” across the country.

This is from a recent AFA press release:

AFA sponsored TEA parties has grown to 1257 cities

‘Our goal is to have a TEA party in 1500 cities, and I think we will reach our goal,’ said Donald E. Wildmon, AFA chairman. He said that the AFA sponsored TEA parties are in addition to several hundred more being organized by other groups. A listing of the cities participating can be found on the Internet at

Wildmon said April 15 was chosen because it is the day federal income taxes are due. ‘The run-a-way spending by the President and Congress will have a definite negative effect on our families. We are leaving a debt of trillions of dollars to be paid by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.’

He stated his organization is working with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American Leadership.”

That’s right, Newt is involved in it too, and recently wrote about it in an article for Human Events titled “Americans are TEA’d.”

“As you read this, liberals in Congress are beginning the process of forcing passage of the $3.6 trillion, high-spending, high-borrowing and high-taxing Obama budget.”

The political left, Newt reports, is in action:

“President Obama is even mobilizing teams of his presidential campaign supporters, now a political organization called Organizing for America, who are going door-to-door campaign style to pitch his irresponsibly massive government expansion program that will raise taxes on every single American.

And what could they possibly be saying about a budget that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted last week will lead to deficits $2.3 trillion larger than the Obama White House is telling us?

Once again, we see Washington promoting irresponsible spending and expecting responsible taxpayers to foot the bill.

Here’s what you can do to fight back: On April 15, join your fellow Americans at Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation to say no to the Obama budget.”

Organizers are expecting tens of thousands to participate. Veterans of politics are encouraged. These one-day events might be great, but they’re not enough. More than ever we need fed-up Americans to engage in real and sustained political activity.

Whether you’re talking taxes, spending, waste, health care reform, foreign policy, public education, Second Amendment rights, the right to work, traditional values matters such as abortion and the defense of marriage or any number of other issues, the permanent meeting place after the tea parties must be the Republican Party.

So if it’s your cup of tea, get involved with what appears will be terrific events all across the nation on April 15th. Then join the Republican Renaissance. More to follow tomorrow.

Up next:  Part 2.