Against the Climate Alarmists

So little information is reaching Americans about how the climate alarmists are wrong. Here is Conrad Black:

A response to Theodore Kupfer’s essay ‘A Sensible Approach to Climate Change.’

Theodore Kupfer’s attack on my remarks last week in these pages about President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord cannot be allowed to pass without comment.

He cites Svante Arrhenius as the originator of the theory of the greenhouse-gas generation of global warming in the 1890s. Arrhenius predicted in an 1896 paper that doubling carbon-dioxide emissions would increase temperatures by six centigrade degrees but ten years later reduced that estimate by two-thirds, and even that has proved to be unfounded. His perspective was of someone trying to promote milder temperatures in Sweden, by increasing greenhouse gases, and concluded that it would take at least 3,000 years for any such hoped-for warming to come to pass. It is doubly bizarre for Kupfer to cite him as a source in that Arrhenius, one of the founders of the Nobel Prize, which he quickly received for chemistry, is chiefly known as a leader of the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene. He lobbied the government of Sweden successfully to create the Swedish Institute for Racial Biology in 1922, which trained and inspired a number of the leading champions of Nazi racial ideas in the Thirties. He said and did nothing that contradicts anything I wrote here last week about climate and carbon dioxide.

Kupfer accuses me of over-frequent recourse to the adjective “unestablished,” but that is an unexceptionable word in challenging what is claimed to be, in Al Gore’s infamously inaccurate phrase, “settled science.” Kupfer advocates moderation in these matters, calls for caution, and assimilates me to the extreme advocates of climate disaster, such as Naomi Klein (a Marxist who knows nothing about science but is rubbing her hands in contemplation of the collapse of capitalism). Yet he effectively follows in the footsteps of the leaders of the climate-alarm movement who claim everything is proved and beyond debate and that we have either to dismantle our economies, live under thatch, bicycle between points, abolish carbon use and carbon dioxide itself other than in photosynthesis (to ensure we have oxygen to breathe), or await the consummation of the suicide of earthly life.

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