Alan Keyes: Playing Defense is Not Enough, Duty Requires Bold Words and Action

All the issues are the same in that our job in the information war requires reaching the uninformed and misinformed with the truth. But not all issues are equal — here is Alan Keyes writing at BarbWire about our duty as Christian citizens:

In recent days I received several emails about the Obama’s faction’s plans to stigmatize their opponents as domestic terrorists. “John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for national security, announced Wednesday that the Justice Department is creating the new position of domestic terrorism counsel to combat the ‘real and present threat’ of domestic extremism.” Carlin’s remarks singled out the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for credible information about this threat. The SPLC is notorious for its animus against conservatives, and in particular Christian individuals and groups broadly opposed to the Obama faction’s assault on Constitutional rights and principles.

Obama and his collaborators want us to believe that faithful Christians who will not depart from the moral convictions required by our faith, are for that reason a threat to America. Many decry this defamation of Christian character as an assault on Christians. Under the rubric of religious liberty, they are mounting a campaign to defend individuals and organizations against this assault. I applaud and support these efforts to stand by people like county clerk Kim Davis and the praying high school football coach Joe Kennedy. But when it comes to America’s political life, a good defense of Christians and other people acting in good conscience is not enough.

It is not enough defensively to decry the lie the Obama faction is deploying as a weapon against Christians and Christian moral principles. We must take the initiative to also speak and act in order to promote the truth about America’s way of life, and thus show up for what it is the lie about America and the real danger it faces, which Obama and his collaborators embody. That truth is clear: The fatal threat to America is the loss of Christianity, and the long campaign to sever our nation from its moral premises, which are rooted in the Christian understanding of the Creator, God.

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