Allen West to Obama: ‘You’ll Be Remembered Based on Who Followed You’

Here is Allen West from yesterday:

Well, I could spend time talking about Barack Obama’s comments in Greece and Germany — exactly what is “crude nationalism?” And what kind of president dismisses violent protests on our streets, basically giving these radicals cover? I don’t recall anyone burning cars and destroying property over Obama’s election or reelection.

I could speak about one Colin Kaepernick, whom we now know wasn’t even registered to vote. And how about the new American Socialist Party now condemning America as a racist white nationalist country, all because they lost on November 8th? Funny thing, there are many counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but switched to vote for Trump in 2016. Wow, those folks, according to the liberal progressive socialists, all of a sudden became racists. Ain’t it a daisy? When America voted for Obama it was cool, but when America came to its senses and voted against the failing policies and rejected identity politics of corruption, cronyism, and elitism — now you’re racist.

We had a saying in the military: “when your enemy is digging themselves a hole, keep giving them shovels.” I say let the liberal progressive leftists keep it up; they’re just demonstrating who they are. And if the left and their media accomplices are so delusional and disconnected to believe that all of a sudden America is going to say…aww, we’ll give you back power, they’re stuck on stupid.

. . .

If Donald Trump focuses, as he promised in the campaign, to work on economic growth, he will be giving the American people what they voted for…and if successful, bye-bye progressive socialists. Keep calling folks names, rioting in the streets, castigating America as a racist nation, disrespecting our national anthem, booing Medal of Honor recipients, and know you will slowly but surely become a permanent minority party. And that will not just be the case nationally, but also at the state level.

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