America doesn’t need another teleprompter president

If you like the Illinois GOP, you’ll love Mitt Romney, Part 9.

Seven weeks ago today was the the Iowa Caucuses. Late in the evening the race was too close to call between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Santorum went out and gave a great twenty minute impromptu speech. As the media widely reported, Mitt Romney’s staffers then scurried to take down Mitt’s teleprompters before he took the stage.

Some would have you believe it was because the staff had only written a victory speech, and since Romney couldn’t claim victory, there was no need for the teleprompters. Baloney. Romney and his aides watched, horrified, as Santorum gave his speech without notes. They knew their guy would look terrible doing his imitation of Obama, head bobbing back and forth between the glass plates which told him what to say.

One reporter saw the opening of the speech queued up – it began, “Thank you Iowa!”

Yes – Mitt had to be told to say “thank you Iowa.” And Romney makes fun of Barack Obama for his use of teleprompters?

As one observer said about that night in Iowa, “Real conservatives give speeches like that by reading from their heart, not by reading from a teleprompter.

So why, when Barack Obama is appropriately ridiculed for his over-use of teleprompters, would Romney use them? Because it’s not easy to memorize everything his political staff tells him to say. And even after six years of running for president, poor Mitt doesn’t know his lines.

And when he’s off the teleprompter he says things that are “made for 24-hour cable news networks.”

  • Corporations are people, my friend.
  • I’m not concerned about the very poor — they have an ample safety net.
  • Care to make a $10,000 bet?
  • I like firing people who provide services to me.
  • I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals working for me.
  • There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip.

One of my favorites is, “I’m unemployed too.” So says the guy whose net worth is estimated to be a quarter of a billion dollars.

George Neumayr in the American Spectator refers to Romney’s “teleprompter-dependent drivel”:

That Romney is a corny businessman of narrow learning and culture wouldn’t be so deadly if he harbored conservative convictions. But he doesn’t. He has been taught how to play a semi-conservative Republican on TV, but his deepest instincts remain liberal. Hence, his dogged pride in Romneycare, legislation that Barack Obama himself would have fathered had he governed the Bay State.

Another observer has noted, “Teleprompters are for [expletive deleted]. If you cannot stand on your own brain, you have no business running for President.”

If Gingrich gets the nomination, Newt has offered to let Barack Obama use teleprompters during their nationally televised debates. Newt jokes that if you’re going to have to defend Obamacare you need a teleprompter. Well, as we know, Mitt has to defend Romneycare and the rest of his awful record as governor of Massachusetts.

Teleprompters were designed for the giving of formal speeches that are too long to memorize. Obama has taken their use to new heights. He even used teleprompters when addressing grade school kids in a classroom. Google it if you don’t believe me – there are pictures to prove it.

If voters are going to toss out one doofus who has to rely on staff to do his thinking, we shouldn’t replace him with another.