Why America Must Be Great

It’s not just a slogan, Newt Gingrich writes, it’s an imperative that America become great — and he makes a solid case for it in this article:

Watching the world from Rome, Italy, I have been struck by how many things are happening across the globe which are radically different from our previous expectations and past analyses. In fact, they are so different, none of the patterns and models I have learned in the past can accommodate them.

The more I have thought about the current period of rapid change, uncertainty, and reaction our world is living through, the more I am convinced we are closer to Alvin Toffler’s concept of future shock than any traditional pattern we have commonly understood and accepted.

Human history is an ever-changing ecosystem that is constantly evolving, reacting, and adapting with the passage of time. Toffler argues in his book, Future Shock, that the world has an adaptive range – a particular amount of change it is capable of implementing within a certain time frame.

There are times throughout history when worldly change is collectively methodical and slow – below the adaptive range threshold – leading to a period of boredom and stagnation. When the acceleration of change is above the adaptive range threshold, the world experiences what Toffler calls, future shock.

The world is currently overwhelmed with the pace of social, technological, and political change that is occurring, and is ultimately stunned and essentially paralyzed. Everything from our established institutions and societal structures, to our foundational American beliefs and values, are being challenged and forced to react to this exponentially rapid rate of global transformation.

. . .

What has become clear to me is that “Make America great again” is not a simple campaign slogan – it is an imperative.

America must be great if it is going to break out of the chaotic state of future shock and lead the world through these massive transitions to adopt fundamental and lasting innovative change.

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