America Should Establish An Energy Market Of Its Very Own

I don’t know enough about the content of this Investor’s Business Daily editorial to have an opinion on the merits of the idea—but I do believe that the fact that it can be discussed (because of recently discovered energy reserves) is a clear sign that, as Ben Franklin said during the Revolutionary War period, Providence does get involved in the affairs of men.

Energy: A little more than a year ago, we editorialized in favor of a “North American oil market that would operate independently of a world market.” Would that be possible? A fresh report tells us it is.

‘The United States, Canada, and Mexico,” says the Manhattan Institute, “are awash in hydrocarbon resources: oil, natural gas, and coal.”

In fact, writes Manhattan Institute fellow Mark P. Mills, “The total North American hydrocarbon resource base is more than four times greater than all the resources extant in the Middle East.”

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