American Thinker Website: Packed With Ammo to Win the Info War

As noted here often, American Thinker continues to be one of the best, if not the best, websites for links to informative, important and interesting articles. The content needs to reach more people. Here is just today’s (Saturday morning’s) email newsletter:

Trump Is Going Full Alinsky – and His Opponents Are Flummoxed

What a refreshing treat to finally be on offense, scoring touchdowns, leaving Democrats and NeverTrumps babbling.

Code Red: The Coming Eruption

Leftists are ready to hit the panic button. They should be.

The Pox of Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is an effort to destroy culture in the name of harmonizing cultures.

Regime Change Is Coming to Iran

Time has arrived to end the Mullah’s reign of terror.

Tough-Minded Realism Is Needed In the West’s Fight Against Islam

The demise of the Ottoman Empire and the thinking of William James offers some clues as to what is going on today with Islamists and what can be done.

New Technologies Nurturing Big Brother

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

American Thinker — Recent Blog Posts

School shootings won’t stop until media stops encouraging copycats
These people watch the news while planning to be famous as well.

Fox’s Bret Baier Draws the Line: Sean Hannity is a Problem
News anchor Baier admits he takes “crap” because Hannity is so opinionated.

Lawsuit against Fox News by Andrea Tantaros thrown out of court
Federal judge rules “based primarily on speculation and conjecture.”

The Chicago Way: Free taxpayer money for people with six-figure incomes to buy upscale houses
Gee, how do you suppose people are chosen for this program?

If you see something, say something (unless you see black)
There has been a spate of articles recently about white people calling the police against black people.

If Liberals Were Animals, it Would be an Improvement
What started with some fake news outlets purposely misrepresenting Trump’s remarks and others sloppily parroting the deception, has degenerated into the comical.

Denny’s reassures disguised men of access to women’s bathrooms
In 21st century America, if a woman complains about a man in a Denny’s women’s restroom, who gets the blame, the man, or the woman? Unfortunately, we all know the answer.

Sickle, hammer, and Iron Cross strike in Texas
The Houston school shooter identified with some sinister symbols.

Michael Avenatti’s sneaky leaker leaves a slimy trail
A rat is about to get ratted out.

Good numbers and good feelings
…and good news for Republicans.

Emmanuel Macron not loved at home
Second thoughts from le President de la France?

The Clinton reckoning is tiptoeing in
A reckoning is coming – and not just for the Hillary Clinton, but for her enablers. This is a historic moment of bated breath and tight sphincters all over Clintonworld.

A grim spectacle: The left fully revealed
President Donald Trump made it impossible for these people to keep their masks on.

Since the 2016 election, the left has gone stark-raving mad. Leftists have lost all sense of decency. They now support the polar opposite of whatever Trump seeks to do for the good of the republic.

MSM drive another nail in their own coffin with distortion of Trump’s ‘animals’ comment
They can’t help themselves, but the public has got their number already.

The mainstream media have forfeited the trust of all but the dedicated progressive faction of the American public, roughly 20-30% of the populace. Now that a majority distrusts their word, and now that we have a president who is a counter-puncher, they can’t get away with their old tricks all the time.

Trump targets Planned Parenthood abortion services with new rule
The rule would ban PP from offering abortion services under the same roof as other women’s health services.