Amy Contrada: On the Meaning of ‘Resistance’

Here is Amy Contrada writing at American Thinker:

Conservatives in Massachusetts understand what real resistance is about. 

It’s galling to hear Leftists now proclaiming they are the “resistance.”

Sorry, guys, but I became a member of the true resistance long ago.

My engagement was partly due to where I lived — in Massachusetts, where LGBT brainwashing in the schools and “same-sex marriage” happened first, and pro-life sidewalk counselors are treated as criminals. We really had something to resist there: tyrannical government at the state and local level. The heavy hand was felt not only on education and social issues, but on material issues such as the state defying electorally mandated taxation limits.

But what exactly are the Leftists now claiming to resist, other than Trump’s legitimacy? Surely, they don’t want to resist their own entrenched bureaucrats (the “deep state”) who still control so much of our daily lives, and who are breaking the law daily to undermine the new administration.

In fact, the Left is resisting democracy and free elections.

Apparently, the Left has latched on to the word “resistance” because it holds a forceful emotional pull. It’s their verbal raised fist, a tool to mobilize their automaton followers.

And so, we have Hillary trying on her new style: “…So, you know, I’m now back to being an activist citizen, and — uh — part of the resistance.” Her new dark-money PAC (with its two-page website) calls out: “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez swore: “Damn right we’re going to be the resistance to Donald Trump. We have the most important lever of power, the power of we, the most important word in a democracy.” (But if the country is still a democracy, resistance seems to be the wrong course. How about providing a reasonable alternative vision and party platform voters would support?)

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