An Open Letter to Libertarians

From Steve Deace:

Here’s a political reality at least some libertarians are going to have come to grips with: you’re going to have to choose homosexuality or a potential Rand Paul presidency in 2016.

It will be hard enough getting the mass of social conservatives mobilized in 2016 as it is after many of them already didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. If the Republican Party formally embraces homosexuality or says it won’t defend marriage anymore, even more of those people are bye-bye. If you couldn’t get them to get out and vote Republican with Barack Obama of all people as the alternative, then many of those people are just done voting for something they don’t believe in for good.

Marriage is an issue they believe deeply in. The liberals in the media know this, which is why they keep bringing this up. They’re trying to disintegrate the Republican Party on this issue, and by encouraging Christians to choose a political party over their faith you’re playing right into their hands. Keep going along with this, and you’ll learn what a Pyrrhic victory really looks like.

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